Liquid Nitrogen Cooling?

Would it be possible to take a liquid-cooled card like the Powercolor 5970 LCS and push liquid nitrogen through it?
The could be done if you bought several different pipes & tested to see if they would crack by dipping them in a vat of liquid nitrogen, and then take the ones that work & use a air compressor.
We know Deneb doesn't have the cold-bug, what about Hemlock?
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  1. You going for a world record or something?
  2. Just wondering, would be cool (pun intended) to have liquid nitrogen instead of wimpy water cool your computer.
  3. do u have any idea whats that gonna cost u lol?
  4. No, you can't really pump liquid nitrogen through tubes since the tubes will freeze and crack.
  5. I already addressed that in my OP.
    There are certain tubes that won't, you will have to use kneading eraser/foam/paper towels to insulate it all.
  6. there is a liquid nitrogen or dry ice housing already in the market. now where to buy the liquid nitrogen, and how to store it. One more note how long will dry ice last if sealed as it evaporates when exposed to room temp.
  7. I have had an idea with a sufficient replacement for a closed circuit system for everyday use... If you have the time you could get a old CPU fan and an old refrigerator. first remove the fan from the heat sink and cut off the excess so all you have is a piece of metal (probably going to need some air or electric tools also will need a MIG welder or something of that sort) get some copper or stainless steel tube and cut a hole in the side. Weld the tube to the heat sink part and when this is done get some foam or tube covering that provides proper insulation (only need enough to reach the outside of your computer). After that find the proper fittings for the fridge lines in the back and plug it all in and you have a cooling system that is semi-professional (depending if you are handy or not) and can possibly be sub-zero. If this works the way i think it will it probably would be the best form of cooling a common computer today. But It will probably be expensive because most old Refrigerators are not very economic. One Last thing if it is a mini-fridge it probably will not work very well (probably about as good as a water cooler maybe worse but at least you have something close by to hold your beer in :D )
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