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When would be a good estimate on when usb 3.0 headers on motherboard will be available along computers cases to utilize the headers
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  1. now
  2. I mean commonly and there are only 2 boards I know of with usb 3.0 headers and the cases all use usb cables that need to be routed to the back
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    ^ You can alway replace the Cases {female} USB 2 with USB 3 receptacle/headers. So there's ZERO confusion. A USB 3 plug will NOT fit into a USB 2 receptacle. As far as commonly replace ~ it's going to be a progressive thing beginning now -> 2012+; it's a supply/demand time-frame.

    Link -

    Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the thorough answer I appreciate it that is about what I thought but still seems so far away
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