Sapphire 4770 HDMI Out of Stock best for the money?

AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 4200+ 2.2
2 GIG memory, probably going to 4 GIG soon
Integrated graphics
Current resolution: 1440X900 (slight chance I might upgrade a few inches in the future) - currently play games at 800x600 or so
Factory everything from HP

Getting a PSU upgrade (400w+) once I find a GPU. Was going to get a Sapphire 4770 HDMI, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere and they aren't ever going to be made again, according to Sapphire. Anyone have a recommendation for the next best for a mid-level gamer? Something fast, somewhat inexpensive, cool, and relatively quiet. I play Urban Terror frequently, a game built off of the Quake3 engine, so it doesn't require a card that is too high-end (I generate anywhere from 50-80 fps with my intergrated factory graphics as it is). Any help would, well, help.
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  1. i would try to get a better PSU honestly, go for something like a 550W, which will leave you with far better upgrade choices in the future, and generally wont push for too much more money then a 400W PSU.

    After the better PSU i would go for a 5750/5770 depending on what your budget is. Also what is the resolution you play at? i imagine its pretty low? If so you may just suffice with getting something like the GTS 250 as well.
  2. Resolution is 1440x900, forgot to include that. However, I play games at 800x600 usually, mixing up the aspect ratios sometimes, but I keep it around that mark. I have color and texture settings set very low and the resolution set low b/c I can get around 80 fps that way. I might upgrade to a slightly larger monitor, possibly going to 22", but chances are I will stay under that mark. I have no problem getting a more powerful PSU, that makes more sense now that you say that. I'm looking to spend no more than $150 for the GPU, but would like to keep it about $50 under that mark since I have to upgrade my PSU as well. The Sapphire 4770 was around $100 on some sites and that seemed like a great deal.
  3. 4830 performs similar to a 4770
  4. Well, I would like to play it at 1440x900, but if I have to bump down no big deal. 5770 or 4770 in that case? The 5770 looks to be about $30 more. Is it worth it?
  5. I came across the sapphire 5670 1 GB for about $115 and the 512 GB for under $100. That's anywhere from $30 (with a rebate) to $60 less than the 5770. Would that be worth buying instead? I can't seem to find much difference that would create such a price difference.
  6. The 5670 is a fairly weak card that performs about the same as a GT240 or a 9600GT.
    1GB of RAM is wasted on it since it can barely use 512mb.

    Don't bother getting it since you can find a 9600GT for about $60. Get a 4830 for about $90 or 4770 for about $100, they perform within 5% of each other. Or a 4850 for $100-$110, which performs better than either 4770 or 4830 but runs hotter than both.

    If your price range is up to $130, a 4870 512mb will be your best option in terms of best gaming performance.
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    BSD, you keep recommending the HD4870 at prices that haven't been available for many months. Here is an HD5770 for $130 however;
    If that's too expensive for you here is an HD4850 for $100;
    Honestly the HD5770 is really overkill for your resolution but at that price I'd still go for it myself. Those are definitely the best cards for the money in the price area you are looking at.
  8. Look instead at the 5750.
    It will outperform the 4770 and can be had for as little as $120 after MIR.
  9. the 4870 is dx10, big difference compared to the dx11 compatible cards? I also can't find any 4870 512 for less than $160.
  10. jyjjy: that 5770 has yet to be reviewed...I might pull the trigger and get that one heard anything about it? Oh, and do I need a different PCIe slot that could support 2.1?
  11. I've never owned a Power Color card myself. The brand is actually always cheapest but I almost never see complaints from people who have bought their cards so there's no discernible reason to avoid it.
    For the most part all the cards of a specific model are pretty much exactly the same. The main difference is the cooler and the price. Sometimes there will be a factory overclock but that isn't worth paying extra for as it's easy to OC yourself and you will almost always get better results.
    This looks to be the same card with twice the memory(at your resolution the extra memory is entirely meaningless) and it has good reviews;

    The 4 below are comparable but THG review gives the nod to the 250 and 4850 .... the 5750's price is a bit much

    9800 GTX, GTS 250, 4850 and 5750,2521-8.html
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