AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition 3.42GHz


Can anyone express their views on either of the two CPU coolers i have been looking at, and which if known is better. :)



I'm looking at buying either of these, depending on what information you guys give :)

The topic says what CPU it will sit on, another thing, when ever i figure out how to OC my CPU to 4.0GHz i will be doing it, so thats another thing to consider :)

Greetz John
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  1. v10's a peice of junk. the corsair, I have seen in overclocking competitions, but if you want a good air cooler, go for the Hyper212+ it works great especially for OC'ing
  2. I own a Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4GHz, and I don't overclock, so I use the stock cooler.
  3. vchov said:
    I own a Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4GHz, and I don't overclock, so I use the stock cooler.

    Now what is the point of even posting if you have no input on the OP's question.

    +1 for the Hyper 212+ its a great cooler.

    Is this the one you guys are talking about?

    Nice price :p
  5. yeah that's the one dude, its fricken awesome for the price, its got the heat pipe technology so you're not dealing with different materials to pass the heat on to the plates.
  6. Hmm

    You made me look at others now lol :p

    Will probably post back here with what i decide to get...wont be for another few days yet anyway.
  7. Made my purchase last night, will be here tomorrow 20/04/2010, with my new case too Antec 1200 :D

    Decided to do with....
  8. looks cool dude, the difference is that they have a flat panel under the heat pipes, while the ones i was talking about have the heatpipes directly in contact with the processor. I don't know how different it's going to be because people say that direct heat-pipes are more efficient but it looks like the architecture is similar so you should get similar results.
  9. Well i have put everything in the Antec 1200, CPU cooler has no fan on it atm, and im getting 42 idle with all fans on slowest. If i put fans on full, i get 32, but the noise...well it doesnt bother me but the missus notices it :p

    So i guess i need to get 2 fans for it...should see nice temps when i do :p

    Gunna upload a video on youtube when i can be bothered, will contain a clip of the case, inside and out, and sum pics, after a while i stopped taking pics because the cables were doing my nut in and time was passing...:)
  10. Hey, video isnt really goin anywhere atm.

    But i do have a question, i have put two fans on the cooler, one bottom one top.

    I have the bottom one blowing up, and also the top one blowing up aswell, is that the best way to have them for cooling or should i have them both blowing inwards?

    Cheers John
  11. Anyone :)
  12. well buddy, if i were you i'd rotate my heatsink 90 degrees so that the air goes right out the back, any excess air can get pulled out the top.
  13. Well the bottom back fan on case, is blowing in, standard set up with case, i have rotated 90 as suggested, was a pain though because the heatsink covers the screws, but got it done in the end.

    So the left one blows -> and the right one blows <-

    Before i rotated i changed from the -> HS -> to TOP FAN set up to -> HS <- and didnt really have any temp difference.

    But yea rotated now, pain in the back side to get it on but worth it i guess. ty :)
  14. whoa, your fans are blowing into each other ? they need to both blow towards the back of the case so that the air goes right through.
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