Hey guys

Sorry for a long post so hang in there and hopefully I worded it easy enough to read.

Recently my 8800GTX took a crap and I decided to dig in and get a better case (for airflow) / CPU cooler (Had coolermaster MINI R-80) / GFX card.

First off I grabbed a Corsair H50 because my other CPU cooler reached the end of it's life and some liquid evaporated and it started to make a gurgaling sound. It had no refill so im stuck to replace it. Iv'e seen a guy refilling one but the RAD was small and I want to get a newer one (120mm size). I know this new one has no refill aswell but the guy said it has a longer life than the R-80.

Second I grabbed the Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower to replace my MID XG Viper 2. Gonna need an opinion on were to mount this RAD in the case.

Last but not least the 8800GTX(RIP). I'm still up in the air on what card I want.
I was thinking of either NVIDIA BFG 260 GTX or the 275 GTX. I know I didn't post it in the thread subject but I was hoping for some feedback on what card to get? Iv'e got 300$ headroom to work with.

Basiclly I've never installed a CPU cooler, I was ready to pay the guy at COMPusa 50$ to install it but he said "It's easy,Save your self money and plus you'll learn more about Computer building".

Can you guys please walk me thru and/or gimme a checklist to do this the job the right way.

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  1. We have a video and how to articles for the H50 installation that should be very helpful.
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