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Hello! I'm building a PC, and I'm going to order my graphics card tonight. Newegg has a list of GPUs that come with Assassin's Creed 3, and I though that they might be better than the one I chose because they come with the game.
I'm mainly planning to play on Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Defense Grid, and maybe some other ones, but I'm not sure how beefy my GPU needs to be for most games.
Here's the GPU that I had chosen:
Here's the list of GPUs that come with ACIII:
The GPU has to be able to be powered by this PSU:
And this Motherboard:

Thank you very much in advance!
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  1. the 560 will be able to play those games well, and that psu will work fine
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    The 560 is overkill for wow, left alone defense grid or minecraft. I know because my GTX260 was able to play wow at Ultra (laggy in raids though). And so that's a good choice.

    PSU is enough for the 560.

    That board is horrible, get a least a Z77. Get this at least

    Your board doesn't have pcie 3. Don't let people tell you pcie 3 and 2 are same, that's bull.
  3. ^it's not, you get maybe 2-3% boost, and minecraft likes strong GPU's believe it or not
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