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Another "which mobo"-thread. Need some answers.

Hello. Yep, another of the "which mobo" threads. I apologize ;)

BUT! I have been reading a shitload of these threads, without really getting anywhere.

My current system decided to bail on me, atleast the gfx-card did.
My system is/was:
intel E6600
p5w dh deluxe

So, I have just ordered a gtx 460 and then have decided also to upgrade the cpu and motherboard.
After some research, i have decided to go with the intel i5 750, so now I "just" need to decide on a motherboard.

I have no idea what to look for in a motherboard, besides the socket(1156), PCI-E 2.0 with 1x 16x and 2x8x/8x(in case i wanna go SLI). Right?

But other than that, they are all the same to me.

So what I am actually asking, is some of you guys' reasoning behind your choices/recommendation.

Oh, and also. If I look at i get a choice between P55/H55/H57/Q57 as chipsets, but i've noticed that all the mobo's being recommended are with a P55 chipset.. Why is that, whats the difference?

Thanks in advance..
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    First I'll answer your questions then I'll talk about some other stuff :). Motherboards can be pretty hard to choose for a beginner so don't worry.

    1. H55/7 is for the Clarkdale (i3, i5 6XX) processors as it supports their IGP. So if you were running integrated graphics you would get one of them. They do support the i5 750.

    The reason why people suggest P55 is because, they are generally more performance orientated, better OCing and often more features. Though probably the biggest reason is that H55/7 does not support x8/x8 PCIe configuration instead it is x16/x4. This is a pretty reasonable bottleneck for decent setup such as two HD 5770s so two GTX 460s would be even worse.

    2. Yes you want a board with x8/x8 SLI in case you want to upgrade, there are some P55 boards which are also x16/x4 so don't grab one till you check it. That is really the main features you require though optional ones are as follows.

    -Do you need/want USB and SATA 3?
    -Are you looking for an extreme OC.
    -Do you need onboard RAID (I think all P55 boards have this though).
    -Will you ever need more than 4GB of RAM? Most motherboards have 4 slots anyway but if you need to run more then make sure you get more slots.
    -More than two PCIe slots

    Those are most of the points to choose a board, for a simple chooser like me I would need none of those things normally so I can generally go for the cheapest board available. But also try to get a brand of board like ASUS, MSI, GB but budget brands like AsRock and Biostar are fine for the normal user.

    If you don't need any fancy perks this is a solid board:
    ASUS P7P55D Deluxe $165

    Or if you don't have the money then the following "should" be alright...
    ASRock P55 Deluxe

    Ok I think thats it. So what are you doing with your old PC? Is it just missing a graphics card?

    If so then I think you should buy your GTX 460 and chuck it in. Your E6600 won't be too bad a bottleneck and you'll have some nice performance. The reason I suggest this is that both AMD and Intel are bringing out the next generation processors very soon. Also 1156 has no more processors coming to it instead they will be going to LGA1155 :D.

    So I'd say either wait or go with an AMD Phenom II build as the new AMD processors will be compatible with the new boards so it won't be hard to upgrade. I'm just saying what I think would be the best way to go for you.

    Hope you understand that and that it helped. Thanks.

    Note that I think you should upgrade the CPU once the new generations come out, not sure if I made that clear.
  2. For now, buy the GTX460 and overclock your E6600. Then wait for the next genration of CPU's from both Intel and AMD.
  3. Easy answers:

    1- Mobo: ASUS P7P55D-E Pro
    2- H55 comes with CPU onboard video and performs normally while the P55 is high performance.
    3- IMO a new rig at this time is a little waste of money since like jsc the nest year comes out Snady, Bulldozer and Bobcat all those with better performance.
  4. Thanks alot for the answers.

    To answer the_punkinator question: Yes, my system is actually just missing a graphics card, but I thought that I might as well upgrade the cpu+mobo while i'm at it..

    All of your say wait, so thats pretty straight forward :P

    But isnt a next-gen cpu overkill for a gtx 460? I mean, a i5 750 isnt a bottleneck for the gfx, is it?
  5. Hello, an i5 750 is by no way a bottleneck for a GTX460.

    The reason is that you will get a much better processor for the same money as you get now, this gives you the ability to not have to upgrade your CPU for 2,3 years.

    You could pay less then you would now to get a similar performance one, though you would have to upgrade it later on probably.

    Also if you really want to upgrade all at one time (not getting the GTX460 now) then you will get a better deal on graphics also with the HD6XXX cards coming out in November. Though this means no upgrade for months which is not really an option, so just grab a GTX 460 now and hold off on your upgraded CPU. You'll be much happier.
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