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i just got a new mobo and i wanted to put a phenom II X4 965 and a

4gb (dual) ddr2-1066 Team Xtreem Dark OC
CL6 2.1-8.2.0v

i was wondering if the cpu is ok w/ the mobo and what timing should i put for the rams?
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    Your RAM is rated at CAS 6. That's what timings you would put the RAM at. The RAM should also have a sticker on the side that lists the rated timings and voltage.

    One thing to keep in mind is that your motherboard has to have the latest F6 BIOS to support the Phenom II X4 965.
  2. Is this your RAM?

    If so, it looks like the timings are 6-6-6-18. You should also manually set the voltage to 2.0v.
  3. yes that's my ram.. thank you also for helping me out
  4. one more thing will my cpu

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 125W C3

    will be compatible with my mobo?
  5. Yes- it will be perfectly compatible, though you will still need the latest BIOS to support it, as shortstuff said.
  6. ok thankyou very much...

  7. Lol- you know you can choose a best answer which will then show the title of the thread listed as "Solved" right? ;-) (shortstuff would probably appreciate the best answer too;-)
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  9. noted =)
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