Kingston 2000MHz Hyper-X T1 unable to run at rated speed


I installed 6GB of Kingston Hyper-X 2000MHz CL9 Hyper-X T1 memory into my Gigabyte X58A UD3R M/B. The speed shown in BIOS is 1066 MHz. I try to run the RAM at the rated speed of 2000 MHz by enabling XMP profile1 but I got a BSOD even before entering Win 7 64bit everytime.

I wonder if anyone can help. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi hermes129 and welcome to THG.

    Set all the specifications of the RAM manually in the BIOS and run memets86+ and prime95 without OC the CPU for check stability.
  2. All i7 + Xeon processors works on 800 and 1066MHz RAM. I have Corsair Dominator GT 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 16000C8 2000MHz Triple Channel Kit (CMT6GX3M3A2000C8) and Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz and my memory is downgraded to 1066MHz. It's very annoying, i hope that auto downgrade my RAM is also reducing Latency!
  3. thanks for all your comments,

    @zipzoomhigh, my memory modules are seated in the white slots as specified by the M/B manual.

    @saint19, thank you for the welcome. :P Actually, I am not so much of an overclocker, just trying to get what I pay for in the first place. I have no intention of overclocking the CPU, just want to bring the memory to its rated speed.

    I will try your method when I get home. I live in Singapore. :)

    I have actually attempted to activate the XMP profile1 w/o changing anything, my north bridge and my CPU overvoltage LEDs light up during POST and the comp crash before gg into OS. Not too sure why that cannot work.

    I guess I will do by manually adjusting and see how.

    @LittLeCaptain, yep. I am annoyed too. I read that the original intel settings are only memory at 1066MHz. Anything beyond is considered overclock.

  4. To me high spec ram like that is for *overclocking* only - stock systems hate high spec ram when running stock with the ram at high speeds it just doesnt work, and besides it barely offers any decent real-world performance increase really.

    The 1366 platform was designed and runs "best" with 1333 ram (or was it 1066?) - nothing above that is guaranteed.
  5. Hi Apache_lives,

    I see. Noted. Then will take a look at the whole package. :)

    Thanks for the info.

  6. Quote:
    Still never mentioned voltage........sigh....

    Oh, So sorry :??: , my voltages are set at Auto. From all your answers, I guess it must be manually configured. Will inform once I have managed to push the memory to its rated speed.

  7. Most of the mobos don't detect the voltage and timings
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