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I'm gonna buy a new computer, should i get a i7 920 or i7 930. Does anybody here indicates me to get i7-930?

These are the other components:


What do you guys suggest me?
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  1. Except the slight boost in the stock clock speeds, there's hardly any difference in the CPU's.. So if you plan to overclock, either of them will do fine.. If you plan to rely on the turbo then getting the i7 930 would make more sense..
  2. If the cost of the CPU is close lets say with in $10 or $20 get the 930 if its any more then that just get the 920. Right now on Newegg its only a $10 difference between the two so I would say just get the 930 since its so close in price. If you live near a frys or MicroCenter you can usually find the 920 for around $200 so just do some price hunting the difference between the two is only 140mhz which hardly justifies spending to much extra on it so if the price is really close just get the 930 otherwise the 920 is perfect and will overclock just as good.
  3. as saaiello already pointed out... get the 930 over 920 if the price difference is small enough for you... both overclock pretty well with the 930 having a slight edge over 920 because of higher multiplier
  4. Ok then thanks guys.
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