Need help with K9N2 Diamond

I have MSI K9N2 Diamond Mobo with an AMD Phenom II X4 9950 BE and i would like to get the Gigabyte G-Power 2 Pro (its available really cheap in the store next to my place 10$ as its not worth paying more for that old cpu) but im not sure if it would fit cuz of the northbridge circular heatsink.

can any1 tell me if it would fit or not? any1 have tried installing it on a K9N2 before?

i checked everywhere online and couldnt find the answer, cant stand the stick cooler (sounds too loud even with the GTX 470 :S )
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  1. i meant STOCK cooler.

    anyway i got it and its not loud at all. cpu idling @ 24C and 40C full load prime95.

    thnx 4 the help
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