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I'm building a new computer, and finally got it to boot up last night. The Win7 install goes fine, but then when it went to reboot, the vga led stayed on. I tried reseating the card (8800 GT, which worked fine in my old computer). I was out of ideas and it was late, so I went to bed. This morning I tried again. This time it worked fine and I begin the install of Win7 over again. When it goes to reboot the same thing happens again.

When I pulled it from my old computer, the fan seemed pretty weak, so I blew out the dust before building the system. Now the fan kinda varies quite a bit. Starts off really fast and then slows down (when it actually boots).

Would fan issues cause cause the VGA LED to come on? What else would make it come on? I doubt its heat issues since everything just started up and the card feels cool to the touch. Plus its just windows running and the bootup sequence. I do have the power cable connected to the card.

Luckily I bought another 8800 GT, which I was planning on running SLI, so this will help me with my investigation. It won't arrive till next week though. The only thing I haven't tried is running in a different PCIE slot.

I have a Asus P7P55 Pro w/ an i5-750 stock speed.

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  1. Hmmmm, you've taken steps to disable your onboard VGA right? Have you also resetted your mobo before trying to disable onboard VGA again?
  2. Well, I found out that if I stick the video card in the second PCIe x16 slot it works fine. The manual mentioned that was the number two slot, so I'm not sure. Anyway, I bought a second 8800GT so it wasn't a big deal. Now running SLI is giving some issues. I had to update the BIOS of both boards (one's an EVGA and another is a BFG) to the same version. SLI will now enable in Win7 x64. When I launch a game with SLI enabled, everything looks terrible. With Crysis, there is horizontal green lines that go up and down my screen.

    Since my main game I'm playing now is Mass Effect 2 and it plays fine on one 8800 GT, I just have SLI disabled until I can sort out the problem.
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