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So I've been having a problem with my graphics card (or so I thought) for the past 2 months where I would randomly lose my image and the screen would turn black, blue, gray, etc. I sent in the graphics card to XFX and got a replacement, which began overheating for no reason at all to 120 C and then my system would shut down. I had to get that card RMA's and while XFX was testing it they said they found no faults with it and that I probably had a problem with my system. They tested a 3rd card first and said it was fully functional and then shipped it to me and lo and behold I'm having the same problem I had with the first card, although less frequently. I thought it could be a bad PCI slot so I switched it to the other one I have and now it occurs less, although it still happens once or twice an hour while I game.

Also, while I was waiting for my graphics card to be replaced I was using onboard video and had absolutely no problems at all so I'm not exactly sure if the mobo is the issue although I think its most likely.

Here's my specs:

XFX Radeon HD 4870
AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Black Processor HDZ720WFGIBOX
Corsair 750W PSU
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  1. Hello.

    Did you upgrade your graphics card to the HD 4870? If so did you uninstall the old drivers normally? If so then I'm pretty sure that the old drivers are often not completely removed and can cause problems.

    Though this doesn't sound like the cause for the overheating card. Have you tried a different PCIe power connector from the PSU to the card? I'd say it would be your motherboard but the fact that you had a card overheat is a bit weird.

    Oh well those are some things to look at, maybe some will help more.
  2. I'm positive the issue has nothing to do with drivers as I have been uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers normally. Also, my current card is not overheating, the second one was. This one basically just causes my screen to turn gray or something whenever I load up a game. Also if it matters, whenever this happens the GPU's fans start getting realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly loud.
  3. Ok so it seems like from the fan getting loud that the card is overheating still. You could run a program like HWMonitor which will read your GPU temp and record the max temp to confirm this.

    Do you have a different PSU you could test it with? Or at least use a different connector, maybe your PSU is toast...Not sure though.
  4. We have also experiencing problems regarding asus motherboards and laptop here in the Philippines my relative & other friends have the same problem with yours, sadly our Department of Industry doesn't know that fact. PC suppliers here doesn't care to customers,

    because "if it is proven mother board defect" it will be replaced by a new one
    after finishing our one year warranty its done... bye-bye computer/laptop
    warranty does not cover it up anymore.

    This is how business work in here.. good thing to the suppliers because they are being payed for the repair and purchased.

    Bottom line now you know the brand, even if it branded and commercialize

    lesson learned:
    1. (don't asked Specialist because clearly they only want to have sales)
    2. Ask other consumers before buying, consumers will be the proof of what you will buy
    3. Give yourself time in making decision, not trust anyone business sometimes dirty even presentable specialist are in front of you.
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