Connection woes....constantly dropping,cant repair connection

This is really starting to aggravate me.

Around two or three weeks ago the connection seemed to go haywire all of the sudden.From what i can remember it all started when it dropped the connection for the first time,it reconnected fine...for a minute,then it got real weird.All in about 10 seconds or less it disconnected and reconnected itself three times and after maybe 10 seconds it dropped the connection entirely.Afterwards i couldnt pick up a signal and the usb key i set up didnt work,also the reset button on the router didnt help so ended up having to reset the router to the factory defaults in the router setup page.

Every since then it randomly gets disconnected.The signal varies but most generally its at 36-48mb/s and occasionally drops to 11 and 1mb/s....and sometimes(not always)when i try to repair the connection via zero config it it will reconnect at 36 or 11 where it left off...until i disable then re-enable my wi-fi adapter.Also since this happened i get this message when i try to repair the connection ,aside from the one or two times it did actually repair the connection i always get that error,afterwards it does connect and i can connect fine but this problem eventually comes up again.

I havent got ethernet cable run through the house,the router and the antenna our isp provided is on the other side of the house but dont think thats the problem because before all this happened my connection was always at 54mb/s at low to good signal and everything worked fine and it never disconnected.

Im pretty sure its something to do with my pc somewhere because the laptop we have doesnt have this problem.

Any suggestions? not too expierenced with internet settings and im already annoyed with this problem the way it is,so hopefully someone can give me a simple solution to this.
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  1. Sounds like wireless reception/interference issue. Try experimenting with channels to find the one that works strongest in your environs. If you detect strong neighbouring wifi try a channel 5 stops from the strongest.

    Relocate cordless phone base or video sender away from computer or router.
  2. well i fixed the low signal/getting disconnected issue but if i do need to repair the connection it still gives me that error.
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    Check TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.
  4. Yeah they were enabled

    at least it doesnt get disconnected now.ill worry about the repair connection issue some other time

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