Sata cable for SSD..confused

I am looking at newegg and the sata cables on there all have different things like "right angle to right angle" "straight to straight" "left to straight", Does it make any difference which one of these I get? I am getting one for a crucial m4 64GB I am buying.
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  1. They all will serve the same purpose.
  2. They're just slightly different in shape. Check out their pictures, and your case wiring, to decide which would be easier to install. For example, a right angle will be hard to install if your SSD is against the bottom of your case, as mine is.
  3. The will all work, however the "Right Angle" are just that, they look like the letter "L" when they plug in rather than "--". Each serves a purpose. My SATA ports on my MB are mounted one on top of the other so the right angle cables dont work there as they run into each other, and the drives are also too close to each other so I must use straight ("--") to straight ("--") cables.
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