Problems with PNY GeForce9400GS PCI card


I have just added an additional graphics card and I am struggling to get it to work correctly.

I have had a GeForce7950GT PCI-e for a long time, it has two DVI outs - one runs to my monitor (19") one runs to my TV (46"). This works fine for my demands which don't include gaming or anything too demanding beyond a bit of HD video. I am adding a new monitor (24") and keeping the 19" as a secondary monitor as well as keeping the TV.

My motherboard only has one PCI-e slot so I opted for a PCI card and have purchased a PNY GeForce8400GS card (I have read good things). I'm not sure how this should compare to the old card I have but it doesn't matter as it only needs to power the 19" monitor with things like outlook or a web browser in it.

However, whilst the old 7950 still works fine, the 8400 card has been very slow (scrolling in internet explorer, for example, has hideous lag - it is just like the drivers aren't installed for it. I have cleaned off the old drivers, installed the latest from Nvidia's web site and still no success. I took out the old graphics card to try the 8400 alone but still no result. Device manager says it is fine and Nvidia's automatic driver detection says the latest drivers are installed.

Any ideas why this might not be working... I wasn't expecting stunning results on PCI but this is unusable at present (windows rates it 1.0 and switches aero off!). When I had both cards installed the Nvidia control panel correctly identified both cards, as does device manager.

I'm using windows 7.
EDIT: 32bit.

I hope someone can help!!
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  1. sounds like a driver issue to me

    edit: I remember reading somewhere for dual-display using two cards etc something about the need for matching drivers for both cards atleast to enable aero etc - might have something to do with it.
  2. Thanks for the reply - I've read that Vista removed support for multi-card of different types but Win7 is fine with it and can even do one Nvidia with one ATI; these are both Nvidia running on GeForce drivers. However, as I get the same symptoms when the card is on its own I'm not sure what is going on.

    The symptoms match what I have had in the past with missing drivers - but I have the latest v196.21 of the GrForce drivers and everything seems to say they are installed fine, I'm not sure I believe it but don't know where to look next!
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