Connect my dead desktops HD to my laptop?

there must be a way.

there are some major issues with my desktop (i disassembled it) and now i realize that my HD contains documents I really need.

so how do i get information off of them?

it seems like there should be no issue other than my basic lack of knowledge. . .

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  1. just simple

    remove your hdd in the laptop.
    open the chasis of the desktop
    and connect both the SATA cable (or IDE cable in old one) and power cable of the hdd with the motherboard and power supply

    it's good to go, boot the desktop

    if u r prompt to choose between 2 operating system, choose the desktop's one.
    if u choose wrong, restart and choose the correct one.

    and u'll find your laptop hdd in my computer.
  2. You must read more next time, he wants to connect his desktop hdd to his laptop. Sadly there isn't a way to do that as a desktop hard drive is much larger than a laptops hard drive bay. However you can buy USB hard drive docking stations like this one and you can put your desktop hard drive in it and connect it to your laptop. Assuming your desktop hard drive is Sata, if it is not then I don't know of any method to get around this. Hope I helped you out
  3. sorry for my mis reading

    simply u can get the docking station like this one for example
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