Flashing In Crossfire in games - 10.1

Well installed The new drivers when they came out. They seemed okay to start. I play an older game called Soldier of Fortune 2, and it seemed to run just fine. Then today i decided to try out some MW2. I opened it up, and the screen was just flashing bad, like I was seeing it refresh or something. Its not Actual On off black and then back on, Its just kinda like if you recorded an older crt monitor with a lower end camera and you can see it like refreshing or whatever. I figured what the heck Ill reformat. Got it all back up and together. And its still doing it. I tried when I first installed them on MW2 and CoD4. And after I reformatted MW2 and BF2. So I went in and tried turning Crossfire off in CCC. Went back in and tested it, And the problem was fixed. So I have no clue what could be wrong with it. And I figured I would ask here for some input, and also ask if I must give up hope on 10.1, Where Can I download the 9.12's at.


Phenom II 955 BE @3.6
ASUS M4A79 Deluxe
4 x 1gb Corsair Dominators DDR2 1066
2 x VisionTek HD3870 512mb DDR4 Crossfire
2 x Western Digital Caviar Blue 320gb RAID0
Corsair TX750W 750watt PSU
LG Sata DVD Burner
Lian-Li Lancool PC-K58W 3 x 140 mm Fans 1 x 120 mm

Thanks again. :sol: :D
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  1. go to the amd website
    fill out your information in the top right hand corner like normal, this should bring you to the 10.1 drivers
    scroll down to the bottom and select "Previous Drivers and Software"
    select 9.12 or any other driver you wish

    im not sure if there is an easyer way to get them from the amd home page...
  2. Im not seeing one for Win7 X64
  3. Your right, if I put Win 7 as my OS it dose not show up, strange.

    Then put "Vista 64 bit" as your OS and it will bring you to the same page and correct driver.
  4. Got it thanks :) Gonna try, lets hope it works.
  5. Still no luck. Guess it must be a hardware problem? never happened to me before. I loaded a map in bf2 and when the fps dropped down when it was loading I seen it in slow motion. And its like anything 3D is flashing in between some off red and dark green back and forth. weirdddd...
  6. Here are a couple of driver versions to choose from if you like messing about with that sort of thing.
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