No display with xfx gts 250 pci-e

I have a custom built rig
motherboard MSI 785gtm
graphics XFX gts250 738mhz 512mb ddr3
ram 4g patriot
processor Amd Athlon 6000+
power supply antec earthwatts 650
OS xp pro sp3
i have had the video card and powersupply in the rig for awhile when the old gigabyte motherboard went bad so i installed the current motherboard and processor installed all the drivers and everything has worked well for a few weeks till today when the screen just went black and when i hook the monitor to another comp it is fine so i am wondering if there is a problem with the video card if anyone has a suggestion that i could try i would appreciate the help
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  1. the old mobo might have damaged the graphics

    try another motherboard if you have one
  2. i was thinking of switching the card with an 8800gts card from my other gaming system. however i was concerned if the video card is bad that it may damage another mo-board

    by the way thank you for such a fast response. It is good to know that this forum is monitored
  3. yeah definitely try that,

    no the vid card shouldn't hurt the other motherboard if you keep it their briefly
  4. thanx again for your quick response i will try to swap video cards between my 2 gaming systems and give it a try. I reset cmos and rebooted the comp with defaults just to see if that would make a difference and i have display for now but i am not sure if it will continue to work or go blank again. i will update the forum when i have some more info.
  5. well i promised i would post again when i figured out the problem with my rig. It turns out the problem was a faulty motherboard the brand new board was bad and the only way i figured it out was to try to use the onboard video. I had the same problem of monitor going blank and computer locking up with 2 different pci-e video cards. So i tried to remote access the computer across my home network when the screen would not respond and when that failed i tried to use the onboard video. Turns out the onboard video would not work at all and that is when i decided the Pci-e card was not the problem. I took the motherboard back to Fry's and exchanged it for a different one. since it was only 14 days old they didnt give me any hassle and tonight i was able to get the computer up and running again. i had to reactivate windows of course and reinstall some programs to make it all work but it is now running quite and smooth just like it should.

    thank you for the help

  6. good luck
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