New Mobos still work with old IDE DVD Drives?

I am about to pick up the EVGA P55 SLI mobo, but am holding off on a new SATA DVD drive to avoid shipping, wait for a small promotion to come along, etc.

Would I have any issues in using a ~5 year old DVD drive in the interim? Basically just need something to get Win7 installed and ensure that my base build works, then i'll tweak in the near term.

ANy pitfalls here?
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    Nope shouldn't be a problem as long as the MOBO still has at least 1 IDE slot (most newer MOBO's have only a single slot instead of 2 now and some are starting to not even have a single IDE port slot !)

    Though for just $20 you can get a new SATA DVD burner that supports pretty much any format including dual layer capabilities !
  2. Go ahead and spend the $20 or so when you order your motherboard.

    My first choice is Samsung. Second choice is LG.
  3. ^ +1 JDFan. I too hate the ribbon, like stuffing wads of paper in the case.
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