Diamond 4890 XOC is making strange noise

I recently got my Diamond 4890 XOC video card back from RMA. I happy to find that it can OC to 1000Mhz/1075Mhz and the temps stay below 80C. It makes a strange noise whenever I enter 3D applications. The sound starts the second that I click "start game" and stops the second I click "quit game". It happens the same when it's overclocked or not. It benchmarks well. I can't find where the sound is coming from, it's not coming from the fan. Does anybody have any suggestions of what the sound might be or how to test it.
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  1. what kind of noise?
  2. It's hard to describe. It's not a whine. It's like scratching your fingernail across a table or desk, but it's a constant "pitch". I've opened the case and looked around, but I can't find where exactly it's coming from.
  3. the card seems to be having problems it is a problem in the circuitry probably

    second RMA probably, sorry :(
  4. Would there be anyway to test this? Diamond took nearly a month to get me this one. And it overclocks so well. Would it work this well if it were bad?
  5. you can keep it but you are running the risk of damaging the mobo
  6. How would it damage the motherboard?

    Do RMA'ed cards come with a warranty? Do you have any idea how long it'd take?
  7. no it may take a few days to a month

    if you run this card, lets say it is the power consumption, if it keeps drawing too much energy from the mobo the circuits will fry

    if it the data being sent then th the data might also fry the circuits

    it is a bit hard to explain......
  8. How critical is it that I need to remove it right now? Can I leave it in for another week before I RMA, or do I need to remove it immediately?

    I just lowered the clock speeds to 4870 levels (750/900Mhz). Will that help prevent problems?
  9. that should help prevent problems

    and yeah you can remove after a week or so but don't delay too much
  10. Alright. I have new monitor coming on Tuesday, so I want to try it out. I'll send it back shortly after that. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know if it happens to break before I return it.
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