Am I doing this right?

Hi all, at the moment I've only got value ram in my pc so for overclocking past the 1333mhz mark isn't very good and it gets unstable after like 1360mhz. So I try not to go over around 1340mhz.

Afte looking in the MIT of my bios I found that I can under clock the ram to 1066mhz then increase the fsb a lot higher.
So my question is am I better off keeping it a factory 1333mhz speed or will it be better to lower the ram speed then reincrease using the fsb?

Also what type of difference does lowering the timings make? I noticed the stock is 9-9-9-24 but when I lower the ram speed and increase the fsb it changes to 7-7-7-20.


If u need more info bout my specs then it should be in my signature thing below... If it ain't there then ask :-)
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  1. With your CPU, I wouldn't bother messing with the FSB.

    You are better off with factory specs on the RAM. You would have to get real aggressive with your overclock to notice a difference in anything but benchmarks.

    Not worth it IMHO.
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