How do you encrypt network traffic

I am looking to encrypt network traffic Into and out of my home network. I was thinking about using requested IPsec but i was wonder if their is a better way or if IPsec would actually do what i want it to do.. I am already using an L2TP protocol for my media center PC. Can anyone help?
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  1. BTW if you can't tell i am a little new to the security part of computers.
  2. just making sure you know, the encrypted traffic is done by the client/server, not by the switches. So it's not like you'll have an encrypted connecting to everyone who connects to your network.

    What are you trying to do that requires encryption?
  3. well not much i have been dealing with someone hacking my network they havent actually gotten in but they they have tried to use something called pro rat to get into my computer. i have been able to lock them out at least for now i have all their information. I was just hoping to use something like a requested IPsec or something to prevent him from using that connection to do any harm. I already have a vpn set up to my parents house so i can help them out with small stuff on their computer.
  4. Just so you know i don't know if VPN is the right term but it uses an L2TP tunneling protocol.
  5. Yeah, that's a VPN. It "tunnels" your data past the firewall and directly into the internal network on the other side.

    A good firewall setup should keep most anyone out of getting in. A NAT usually does a decent job, but NATs are NOT firewalls and they are not designed with lots of security in mind. There are ways around a NAT.
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