Sapphire 5870 Low GPU and MEM Frequency Values

Hello, I have 2 - 5870 video cards running in crossfire. They were bought about three months apart. From day one, Catalyst Control center shows both the MEM frequency and GPU frequencies have been low (MEM: 300, GPU: 154) instead of the factory ratings. I have tried both cards individually and in crossfire, the values do not change even after running auto-tune. Everest shows State 5 with the same numbers, but State 1,2,4 show MEM: 1200 and GPU: 850. All that said, when I game (COD MW2) it runs fine at the highest settings. I have tried every driver version with the same results.

How do I fix the problem? Also a NNOB question. What is State 1,2,3,4,5 shown in the Everest GPU tab??

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  1. no clue what the everest states mean, but what you are seeing is your GPU dropping down to 2D clocks to conserve power, the 5870 drops down to 27W from 190W. Since you can play your games problem free dont worry about it.
  2. 154 core and 300 memory clocks are the GPUs running at low power 2D state. run MW2, alt tab out and run Catalyst Controll Center in the overdrive settings to check the clock speeds.
  3. Thanks for the replies, they helped.
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