Ram gone bad in graphics card

Hi im wondering if ram in my graphics card can bad because i keep getting a 0x000000d error saying driver irq or less and i cant get my computer to boot its brand new and i dont know what could be wrong with it?? i also tend to get low FPS in video game play when it was new so this leads me to think the card went bad
core i 7 920
evga 3 way sli x58
128 gb ssd
1 tb seagate
1000 watt power supply
sector 5 8 gb
2 gtx 260 (sli)
windows seven 64 bit
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  1. Do you have the newest drivers? Have you previously installed ATI cards on the system?

    Do you have an SLi bridge?

    Have you tried testing the GTX260 individually and not in SLi?
  2. no not individaully and yes i have a bridge and i have never had an ATI card in this system
  3. i pulled one card out and it runs fine but that doesnt mean the other card went bad does it
  4. it will run with only one in no matter which card is in
  5. they still dont work together though
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