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I builded a new computer few weeks ago :D : ASUS m4a785 mobo, phenom II x3 720 2.8, (x2) kingston valueram 2gb 800mhz, sapphire radeon hd 4670 1gb, HDD seagate 500 gb 7200rpm, psu 650w.

I've been playing soldier of fortune payback at full res. I know the game is old, but it has good enough graphics. The game runs perfectly, but sometimes, when there are too many light effects combined and I move too fast the mouse, the screen refreshing (i dunno how does that phenomenon can be called) can be perceived, but the game doesn't stops nor go slow. Is that normal? Now, I haven't overclocked my gpu yet , because I'm afraid of burning it. Is it safe if I set the fan at max speed? Or in the worst circumstance, which part of my computer has to be upgraded, because it is just slow? :(. Anyway, I think next summer i'll expend some cash upgrading it, so please gimme some advises!

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  1. Hi, i think that the game is the problem by himself. The configuration that you have is good if your bear in mind that the game is old.

    Maybe add 2GB more of RAM and a better GPU could do a difference.
  2. Thank you!

    I'll have that in mind. But, which Ati gpu do you suggest? And, is my computer efficient? I mean, I'm not pretty sure how good or bad is my computer...
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    It's a 2007 game isn't it? Don't forget Crysis came out in 2007 and is still one of the hardest game to play today. :)

    My guess is GPU as well. I wouldn't worry about your RAM (I'm assuming saint looked over the 'x2' in you RAM), and value ram should be ok if its running at 800mhz / 4-6 latency.

    As for your CPU it should be more than up for the task so I wouldn't worry there. You can always try a little OC but I doubt that'll help much w/ that GPU.

    Don't forget you can always try reinstalling your video drivers (in safe-mode) and a memtest wouldn't hurt anything (although I doubt its your RAM).

    Does this happen if you turn the settings down a little bit and go into the same area?

    The 4670 'should' be able to handle sof:payback pretty well I think though...

    A good card to look at when you upgrade is the 5770 (ati).
  4. And your computer is very decent.

    With a little overclock and a better GPU you'd have an uber gaming setup. (maybe some higher quality ram but I don't think that'd be necessary)

    Oh yeah, and yes it is safe to run the fanspeed at max, I just wouldn't do that 24/7. I'd see it shortening the fan's life quite a bit. Not to mention the noise level is quite annoying I'm sure, but hey if you're gaming who cares right? :p
  5. Don't overclock your GPU. They don't really handle that well.

    If you have stuttering, which I believe you described then you have two choices:

    1) Turn down the settings
    2) Buy a better card. You could most likely buy up to a single HD5870 though these cards are expensive.

    My advice if you get a new card is to hold off and read benchmarks and comparisons of the new NVidia DX11 cards which should be coming in the next month or so. At the very least when they are released ATI cards should dip in price within the following month.

    Experiment with your settings:
    1) AA
    2) Shadow quality
    3) Bloom (turn off) etc.
  6. Well. IMO is a good PC, the problem is the RAM and the GPU.

    With 4GB and an ATI 4850 or 4870 you will see a very good performance. You have a very good CPU.

    Select the GPU from the list, I always use nVidia GPU.
  7. thx a lot!
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