Apply Arctic Silver 5 to brand new stock CPU fan?

Should I apply arctic silver 5 to a brand new stock CPU fan? I'm putting together a computer and I bought some arctic silver and an i3 Sandy Bridge. The stock CPU fan appears to have 3 thermal pads on it. I was wondering if you would recommend removing the thermal pads and applying AS5 to the CPU?

Also, I guess I have another question. Is "tinting" just applying thermal paste to the heat sink? Do you recommend doing it?

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  1. It won't make a difference.

    Remember, i3's run fairly cool.
  2. Watch the video "How Thermal Compound Spreads (MX-2 Edition)":

    Use the pea method.

    However, the Arctic Silver website suggests to use the 'vertical line method' for the i3 when applying the Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound.
    They did recommend to tint the heatsink and the metal cap. I don't use the tinting method but you could try it and see if it makes any difference.
  3. Seeing as how the stock thermal compound application is to be heat melted into place once seated a proper TIM application is IMO the very best option.

    You need to keep in mind a stock heat sink is far from any kind of performance levels at all so if you're after any overclocking head room you'll need more than just a good application of thermal compound of any kind to achieve it.

    You'll need an aftermarket performance heat sink, then your thermal application will be of much more importance.
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