Color quality degrades [on both] running dual monitors


Great site btw! I searched 'till my eyes were bleeding and I'm surprised I can't find a match for my issue anywhere here or on the web. Hope someone can help me out.

Running XP Pro on an older Dell Dimension 8200 with 1 GB mem and currently have the GeForce 4200ti 64mb AGP.

Just set up a Samsung 24" LCD...looks beautiful! When I extend onto second monitor, the color quality of the text fades on both monitors. Text looks crisp on the primary/secondary but the text color degrades. Almost looks "spotty" As soon as I go back to single monitor...back to normal.

Swapped out the 4200ti for a Quadro 280nvs [also 64mb AGP]...same thing...color fade.

AS a test, I hooked my new Samsung to an HP laptop [DV5000: 3 yrs old] as a secondary monitor and both look perfect.

So...question is: how and why is the degradation taking place? Video card, CPU speed, system memory?

Thanks much,

Vinny B.
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  1. I think the maximum supported resolution of a 4200ti is 2048x1536, so that could explain some loss when you add another screen.

    Can you try both at 1024x800 (or 800x600) to see what happens?
  2. Wow...quick!!! Thanks Jenny.

    Will try that right now.

    Dumb question: Samsung is 1920 x 1200 but are you saying that I [and the world] are supposed to be adding these resolutions together when setting up multiple monitors?

    Also, would that maybe contribute to my Samsung acting a little "slower" when in portrait mode?

    When I hooked it up to the laptop and flipped the Samsung to portrait, it was fine; but, when it ran by itself in portrait, some pull down menus on certain programs were kind of "glitchy".

    Thanks again,

  3. I honestly don't know how it works out, but the ti is really old now, amazing card though it was it just wasn't meant to run multiple high resolution screens I think.
  4. Gotcha'. Thanks again Jenny :)
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