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Can somebody please give me a link to a site which shows game images examples using a single hd 5770 card
vis a vis other cards .
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  1. No I meannt game images output using hd 5770 not the card images
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    The 5770 is currently the best in terms of graphics output, because of dx11 features which it shares with the 5800 cards and also the 5670.

    You will not get a card capable of better images until Fermi arrives, whenever that is. Even then, all these cards are so close in image quality that there is no real discernable difference.
  3. The only real image differences you will see on screen with a 5770 is if you are looking at DX11 content. Note however that at resolutions of 1920 or above, a single 5770 can't do 30 fps with Dx11 enabled.
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