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I ate a lot of flak from several mean spirited users (you know who you are) when I suggested that a GPU bottleneck was responsible for the close performance between a Phenom II X4 and a Core i7/i5 processor.

I also ate a lot of flak when I stated that a QPi/PCI Express protocol incompatibility often led to the Corei7 being slower than a Phenom II X4 (slightly slower) when a GPU bottleneck was present.

These results have probably been posted before but I was unaware of them. I have raidur to thank for bringing me onto them. As you can tell by the links and picture above... you remove the GPU bottleneck... you get the results as I predicted (I thought it was self evident which is why I was quite frustrated when I was attacked and I even got banned over venting my frustrations).

I feel less anger and frustration now. Time to let it all go :)

Peace all.
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  1. no x3 results, we are always left out
  2. xaira said:
    no x3 results, we are always left out

    X3s are great CPUs though.

    I loves my Phenom II X3 720 :)
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