Troubleshooting a motherboard(A8AE-LE Motherboard)

my video port doesn't work except sometimes and I want to know how to troubleshoot this motherboard and try to get another one. My computer fan runs loud because of the motherboard but sometimes the video works and the fan runs peacefully.
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    I tried to find your MOBO from what can gather it is used on Compaq & HP Desktop Systems, and it seems like it has an integrated GPU (on-board) VGA.

    From what you described it seems the logical place to begin is to clean the case and in particular the CPU cooling fins with compressed air and blowout all of the dust; I recommend getting a set of 3-6 cans and disconnecting the PC and put on a desk - you don't want cold freezing liquid spewing from the cans. But first, when you power-on the PC do all of the fans work - especially the CPU fan?

    In addition, many of the PC have on their website drivers and software that sometimes addresses "fan control." you might want to double-check.

    As I mentioned, my first guess is your system is overheating from excess dust.

    If this does not fix the problem you may want to consider replacing the CPU's thermal paste - I recommend Arctic Silver 5 $10 or 7 -

    If your PC is not home built then you can purchase a refurbished MOBO $79 - The Compaq & HP Desktops often have their I/O shields welded to the case.
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