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I'm having some very inconsistent shutdown issues with windows 7 (x64, OEM professional).

Lately I have found the shutdown seems to take forever. Sometimes it will shutdown in the usual dozen seconds but other times it just hangs on the "Windows is shutting down" screen.

It closes running programs and transistions to this screen without issue, but will take anywhere from 2 minutes to "I am not waiting that long" to actually power down. As of yet I have not been able to figure out why. Sometimes it will power down external devices (such as my displays, or keyboard) but the computer will run for an additional little time (again, from a minute to long enough that I just turn it off manually).

Does anyone have any tips with dealign with a problem like this? I'm accustomed to debugging windows having issues shutting down something like an anti virus suite but that does nto seem to be the case here. It is not hanging in windows, just in the "shutdown" screen. Frankly, I'm not sure what exactly seven is donig during that screen. If I can't figure it out I suppose I'll format the install.. but you know..

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  1. I've seen this on one of my computers as well. Haven't quite figured it out yet...

    My other 2 machines running 7 x64 are ok though, and the software set on each one is virtually identical.
  2. Hmm...

    I wonder if it is having trouble powering down my devices (such as my phone while I am charging it).

    Doe anyone know what tasks it is runnign through during the screen? Clearing pagefile/memory perhaps slowing it down.. I have prefetch and superfetch disabled so it can't be clearing those temp files..
  3. Clearing the pagefile at shutdown should be disabled by default.....
  4. Aye it is, never bothered to check since upgrading from vista but it is indeed not enabled.
  5. Well, what with the holidays I ahve not had much chance to play with my desktop.

    However, the same thing is still happening, for whatever reason.

    I have noticed that my MB is loading the ps/2 keyboard port without anything plugged into it. I suppose I'll have to try a bios flash.. though I'm not keen on that atm as there is nothing in the notes of the newest release about the ps/2... work for no gain and all that.

    That being said, the issue is still very intermitant, seeming that the longer the PC is on the longer it takes to shut down.. though that is in no way a scientific observations, just the impression I get.

    I am nearly out of idea's.. though I don't gtet the feelgin this is a common problem (at least it is not cared about by many)
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