Win 7 Live Movie Maker won't accept MP3 audio ???

I've just downloaded the "Windows Live Movie Maker" for Windows 7.

My MP4 video had no issues. However, Movie Maker won't accept my pre-recorded MP3 audio - what's up with that? It was recorded on XP then put on a USB stick and brought to my Win 7 PC. Would that effect it? How can I fix it?

If not, how can I get my MP3 working? I never thought MP3 would be an issue.
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  1. I just realized that at the top where it says "Add music" next to the musical 8th note it's dimmed, not given me that option as if I don't have it. Why would it do that?
  2. To the moderators, I figured this issue out so, this thread can be deleted.
  3. Hi, I have a similar problem. I am trying to make a song (mp3 format) shorter. Can I do that in W. Movie Maker ? The ”add music” button is not active (it is grey).
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