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need clear advice pls.
i have one sata hard drive and one sata cd/dvd rom drive on my pc, and i want to add another hard drive just for my files. how can i set up this also the proper position of jumper? my IDE cable have no slave only master, the one end is for motherboard and the other end is for IDE drive.
how can i set up this? i already try but it didn't worked. my sata harddrive is the normal boot drive for Win XP Service pack 2
plsss.. help
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  1. As long as it doesn't have any boot settings on the disk you should be able to just set it to cable select (CS)
  2. you need to get a new IDE ribbon with 3 conectors. You will need to set the jumper on the second drive to slave or set both drives to cable select.
  3. You should study what your BIOS has to offer for boot settings.

    For example: connect the IDE drive, go to BIOS, check out boot order settings. Depending on your BIOS, you can choose between floppy/DVD/hard drive, and there used to be another setting for choosing between hard drives. Usually there's a list to choose from, so you should simply select your sata drive.

    Some motherboard manuals provide documentation for boot order settings, you could read up on that. What type of motherboard do you have exactly?
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