I need help about setting up my HD GRAPHICS

Greetings, so I've spend nearly 2 weeks on setting up my HDTV to my hd graphics card and now I'm frustrated and finally turned to forums for help..

so I have a 32' Sylvania HDTV 1080i and I'm trying to set it up to my Computer I have a ATI HD graphics card (can't find what kind but my driver says its RV620) so I set it up with a HDMI that connects my Graphics card with my TV. So I have been trying to set the best HD format that my tv can set it via the ATi Catalyst controller, and I click on HDTV SUPPORT and it says

- HDTV modes supported by this display -
Add 720p60 format to the Display Manager (NTSC)
Add 1080i30 format to the Display Manager (NTCS)
Add 1080p60 format to the Display Manager (NTSC)

but when try to Apply format to 1080i, my Display still looks fuzzy and blurry and my pictures are all looking really bad in quality, (my old Display looked more better) Even when I try to custom it at 1080i after I have added the size I want. it's display at 720p which I don't want 720p I want the 1080i output...

so after I selected my custom 1080i Format, it goes wrong it says

720p custom (1280x 720 @ 60Hz)

instead of

1080i custom (1280x 720 @ 60Hz)

Can anyone help me? I hope I explained it well...
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  1. Ive never messed with those HDTV modes before so I cant realy help you there. But it should be as simple as going to Desktop Properties in CCC and selecting 1920x1080 resolution and setting the refresh rate to 30hz (as yours is a 1080i screen).
  2. Ok I am no expert but I will try to help because I have my computer hooked up to a 32in screen as well so I can toss out some thoughts, and if nothing else it will attract the sharks who know more than me to come in and correct me and possibly give you the right answer.

    First the RV620 from my google search's seems to be a 3XXX card, I dont know if that can even handle a 1080i signal to such a large screen (again feel free to correct me).

    Second, what OS are you running, I have been told in the past that I got lucky that I used vista for my setup instead of XP because XP DPI scaling has a way of making everything fuzzy as it gets larger, though because I use vista I cannot confirm nor deny.

    Third I know that some TV's will say they are "1080" when in reality they are able to decode the 1080 signal but immediately down grade it to the highest resolution the TV can project which is 720.

    That all being said I could be way off base on all of them, at least though if I am wrong someone will be here momentarily to tell me so.
  3. Oh and it wont say 1080i custom (1280x 720 @ 60Hz) ever, because 1280x720 is "720", for it to say 1080 it would need to be set to 1920x1080
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