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Removed heatsink and now i have trouble

Last response: in Overclocking
October 27, 2012 1:35:29 PM

Hello I was dedusting my pc yesterday and my not knowing any better I removed my heatsinki, I put it back on (its firm and not loose so i assume i did properly) and im getting temps of about 50-60C stand by and 105C on bf3, will i need to apply more thermal paste or?
October 27, 2012 1:52:09 PM

definitely need to reapply thermal paste. You must first remove the old stuff and then apply the paste according to the manufacturers instructions.
October 27, 2012 2:16:36 PM

Will white spirits work for removing the old paste?
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October 27, 2012 3:00:09 PM

I just applied thermal paste didn't work
October 27, 2012 10:55:54 PM

How much are you putting. shouldnt be more than a pea sized dot in the middle. and make sure you remove all of it from both heatsink and cpu.
October 27, 2012 11:24:03 PM

Firstly, you want to ensure that you remove all of the thermal compound from the CPU cap and the heatsink contact plate with rubbing alcohol.

Apply a pea-sized dot of thermal compound to the CPU cap, then carefully press your heatsink straight down onto your CPU, so the thermal compound can spread evenly. Do not lift up the heatsink at this point, as you will create air pockets which can dramatically decrease thermal transfer.
Lock down your heatsink and ensure that your CPU fan is plugged in, and you should be good to go.
October 28, 2012 6:45:02 PM

I think I found out the problem one of the fan blades on my psu broke off, guess I need to replace that and everything will be fine. Anyone know where i could get a replacement fan?
October 28, 2012 7:04:10 PM

How is a fan blade on your PSU going to increase the idle temp of your CPU? Is this your CPU fan? You can get replacement fans, or you could get a aftermarket heatsink and fan which would be better.
October 28, 2012 8:16:35 PM

I was just hoping that was the answer honestly