1.65V or 1.5V

I'm building an i5-760 computer (first build, so should be fun), but I need to know what ram to get. There's a deal at newegg for Windows 7 with ram that saves $20 (I've combo-ed everything else I could already, so this is the last place to pinch pennies). Thing is, all the combo-ed rams are at 1.65V.

Is saving 20 bucks on the combo worth it in the long run instead of getting 1.5V ram? And will I need to do anything special to install the 1.65V ram (bios or any other updates...)?

I doubt I'll ever overclock this if that matters.

And the motherboard is a EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR.


edit: hopefully this isn't a topic that's been beaten to death here, I couldn't find anything in my quickish search.
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  1. 1.65V is fine, and most of the faster 1600+ DDR3 requires 1.65V. So if you're going to OC you'll need the 1600 MHz DDR3 @ 1.65V.

    Clearly, I understand the "headroom" with the 1.5V DDR but that issue doesn't pose a problem.
  2. As above said 1.65V is fine.

    Though what RAM is it? Just make sure its quality otherwise that $20 won't really mean much...

    Not "Should be fun" "Will be fun", you'll have a great time and learn plenty. Good luck :).
  3. ^+1 {Corsair, G.SKILL, Mushkin, Kingston} are good Mfgs.
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