Does my cpu need to be over clocked

I have just built my new pc -

i have 3 1080p monitors with 60 refresh that are run by the 2 gtx 680's now when playing some games i have experienced that the gpu's are at 75 - 80 % usage but i will get less then 60 fps, i am wondering if my processor is too slow for the level of grapics being processed -
maybe i should have got the k version and over clocked to 4.5 or somthing like that. at this point i have spent lots on this rig and i may have taken a hit by not getting the k verison of the cpu ... not sure what i was thinking. any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

cpu-I 7 3770
Motherboard - asus z77 sabertooth
Cpu cooler - watercooled Kuhler h20 920
ram - 16 g x 1600mhz
power slupply - seasonic 860 platinum
video - gtx 680 x 2 (sli)
sdd - intel 120g (operating system)
hdd1- 500 seagate blue ( games and stuff)
hdd2 - 2 tb western digital (movies)
Case- nzxt - SWITCH 810 gunmetal
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  1. No need to OC that rig IMO you are for sure not bottlenecking that CPU...45 - 60 FPS with vsync enabaled is outstanding if you are playing on three monitors on ultra settings....Just leave it be IMO
  2. You already asked this question else where. please dont double post and help keep the forums clean.
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