Only one grasphics card

my computer will only boot with one of my two cards 9 one at a time) but with both in at the same time it wont boot right9 each card works)
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  1. full system specs, does it make any beeps when it refuses to start with both cards in?
  2. Your full system specs would really help. Are you sure that they're installed correctly for SLI/Crossfire?
  3. x58 evga motherboard
    1000 watt powersupply
    sectr five 6 gb ddr3
    2 gtx 260 sli
    128 gb ssd
    1 tb seagate
    core i 7 920
    i set it up right it was running and thn i rewired it and bam it stopped working
  4. no beeps either but i does give a IRQ or less error 0x000000D1 error
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