Accidentally Put Power LED onto CMOS Reset Pins...

And now my computer won't start for more than a minute without hanging then turning off. The hang last around ten seconds.

I can get into the Bios, but it still hangs after no determined amount of time, it's all relative to when I last turned it on. I've tried taking the battery out, and connecting the correct cmos jumpers to reset it, to no avail. The power led connected the two outside pins, which must have done something to the cmos...

I have a 780i mobo, and instead of getting a new motherboard, I was wondering if getting a new Bios Chip would restore the problem, or are CMOS problems irreversible?

(the bios chip isn't soldered in on this board, so swapping it out for a new one would be simple.)

thanks guys
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  1. I take it you cleared the CMOS again after this happened? What you might try, is unplugging or turning the PS off (if it has a switch). Pulling the on-board battery. Now with the battery out and no juice running to the PS hit the ON button to discharge any "stored power". Then clear the CMOS and see if it will run like it's suppose to.

    If it's still a no go try this site for a possible CMOS chip replacement
  2. +1^
    If you need a new BIOS chip, I have had success with Badflash, got exactly what I ordered as promised. Even helped me figure out how to hotflash the old chip - which works again. (Hint: fishing line inserted to the socket before inserting the good chip, boot, run, pull the fishing line to extract the good BIOS, and very carefully insert the bad one - that's why it's called hotflashing.)
  3. Hmm, I tried dong that to no avail, but it did give me a consistent code this time, 1d, or id, I'm off to google what that is.

    Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it
  4. now their's no abnormal code and it's not posting at all.

    just stays on until i turn it off, some say this is a power issue but i don't believe so in this situation. guessing buying a new board would be the simplest of options
  5. I think I would try a new BIOS chip for ~$30 before buying a new board, unless you have a really inexpensive board.
  6. the board I'm looking at is only ~$90. (Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L)

    spending one third on a bios chip just doesn't seem reasonable, since there's a chance that it isn't gonna work. The whole mobo now starts up like everythings fine, but nothing shows on the screen and the same FF code shows like nothing's wrong. If you're sure a new bios chip will do the trick then please say so... if not this Gigabyte board has everything I'll need for a while, as SLI-ing isn't something I'll have the money for anytime soon.
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