I5 2500k Overclocking issues.

I've recently upgraded my motherboard, RAM and CPU to;

CPU; i5 2500k
Mobo; Asus P8B75-V
RAM; Corsair 2x 8gb @ 1333mhz (Meant to be 1600mhz but apparently capped by the CPU)

And I simply cannot increase the multiplier for this. I've found the option in the bios to increase it, but it's capped at 33x (3.3ghz is default clock speed). Asus AI Suit paired with TurboV Evo doesn't have the option to increase the multiplier, only the BCLK frequency (Which I can only get to 106mhz stable (up from 100))

I've read a lot of guides on overclocking but once it gets to increasing the multiplier, I just can't continue.

-Updated my bios to the latest version, but that hasn't helped.

I've a custom cooler so I should be able to reach 4.2ghz and still keep temperatures at around 50 degrees celcius max.

Any ideas or help is appreciated :bounce:
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  1. It's because that's a B75 board that doesn't allow multiplier overclocking for the CPU. Only BCLK.

    You also can't overclock the RAM with a B75 board, which is why you're stuck with 1333.
  2. Well that is disappointing. I read;

    "The P8B75-V with a 32GB DDR3 memory and PCLe 3.0, features the new Intel B75 express chipset and supports a 22/32 nm CPU providing excellent overclocking capabilities of up to 2200 MHz."

    An I assumed this would you know... allow for overclocking. >:(
  3. Yeah, it's definitely misleading. It can be done (RAM overclocking with the X.M.P. profile), BUT only with an Ivy CPU.

    I'm pretty sure CPU multiplier overclocking is out across the board, though. B75 was meant as a business platform that was never meant to be overclocked with. That's one of the reasons why it's cheaper.
  4. Could you work out an RMA exchange for a motherboard you can overclock, it seems a shame to waste what the 2500K can do?

    Most all are easily reaching 4500mhz with the 2500K overclocking the multiplier.

    If you have a stand alone discrete graphics card this is about the same price as the motherboard you have.

    Motherboard wise you have plenty of options if you went the RMA route if it is possible, however since you made this mistake already, Stop!

    I suggest you list all your specs and intentions and allow us to guide you to the proper motherboard for your needs as my ASRock motherboard suggestion only sports a PCI-E 2 graphics slot and you may have a PCI-E 3 graphics card?

    Or you may not have a discrete GPU at all and will need a motherboard that will allow you to run the CPUs GPU and the P67 will not.
  5. OR the Z77 Extreme 4 if you want IGP graphics! Though the P67 board above is better...
  6. I think I'll stick with this board for a while and shove it on ebay in a few months time. Pretty disappointed at the misinformation for that item... If I didn't need a computer so badly for the next few weeks It'd be getting mailed back to them tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone for your replies
  7. Remember, you'll have to do a reinstall of windows.
  8. Much better (because it's Z77, most of all). It's still not the best for overclocking because of its 6+2 power phase design, but at least it's capable of overclocking.

    How about this one? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Z77-Extreme4-Motherboard-Supports-CrossFireX/dp/B007KTY4A6/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1351464172&sr=1-1

    Better power phase design (8+1, I believe), and a lot of features in a full size ATX board, for the price. Only £4 more, as well.
  9. Sounds like a bargain. I regret buying cheap. Hopefully that mistake will only cost me £20 or so on resale price!
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