Optical drives lost after system sleeps

I'm re-asking a question that I asked about 3 years ago hoping that some new readers might be able to help. I built my current system and after I bring the system back from sleep my optical drives are not found and I need to reboot the computer. This has happened with Windows XP, Vista, and now with Win 7, so I know it's not an OS issue.

I would guess it's the motherboard, but what to do??

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  1. Have you tried manipulating any sleep settings in your bios or turning off any sleep modes in your bios altogeather? Also how is the drive connected to th mb through sata or ide? I've heard of similar issues caused by master/slave setups, you could try a few different configurations there if applicable.
  2. Thanks for the reply - my bios has the suspend mode to auto, and my drives are IDE. I do not believe they are set up as slave and master. As for different configurations do you mean just swap the IDE cables from one to the other?
  3. And/or mess with the master/slave/cable select jumpers.
  4. For some reason I thought I had jumperless drives - is that possible? Should I set them all to slave?

    I wonder if NAACP has issues with the Master/Slave designation?
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    Based on that question, you may want to read up on wikipedia about those jumpers. For PATA/IDE drives there's no such thing as jumperless drives. Even SATA drives have jumpers even if they aren't used.
  6. Is the jumper setting the same on all drives? I do not have the paperwork to know what to set my jumpers to.

    As to my issue, should I set them both to slave? Does Wiki have all the answers?

  7. That's why I was saying to look there. To understand what the difference is and when to use each. No, you can't set both to slave. The jumper setting is not the same on all drives, but all drives should tell you what's what on the labels.
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