Im planning to get a GTS250 videocard and theres 3 kinds of GTS250 cards that I can get locally. Problem is, I don't know which 1 should I get, plz help me choose the 1 with best performance. Thx



and the EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1GB

Also, 1 question, do both of the ASUS cards above have the same performance?
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  1. they are all on the same performance, there's a little but u won't notice the difference.
    So, get the cheapest one from those above and make sure u has enough power to run that card... :)
  2. The first ASUS has VGA, DVI and HDMI output
    The second ASUS has two DVI and HDMI output
    The EVGA has two DVI and a svideo output

    Base your choice on which connection your gonna be using for your monitor, personally id go with the first asus one for pure range of outputs depends on what i need for my display
  3. Get the
    C H E A P E S T
    one... :)
  4. The chipset is the same so you'll get basically the same performance +/- a small %.

    I would opt for an EVGA card for it's lifetime warranty and the step-up program. That way, even if you pay a little more for the card up front, you'll have the option to upgrade via the step-up program. Also, lifetime warranty vs 3 years..... no brainer.
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