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I have a question about the placement of the fan on the psu's. My current psu is a no name (none that I can find on it) psu that has its fan on the back of the unit next to the power cord. I was gonna upgrade to a 550W psu

This one has a fan that would be pointing into the computer case. I'm wondering if I would have much trouble with overheating of the psu or other components?
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    That fan is actually sucking air out of the case it doesn't blow into the case it will be fine.
  2. Suck or blow? Can you tell from the pic? As mentioned, the fan is pushing air out of the case; it blows the case air over the PSU and out the grid on the back where the plug and switch are. This is the case for all PSUs, unless stated otherwise.

    Antec makes good power supplies, but check this Corsair out:
    After the mail-in rebate it comes to only $10 more, and is a better supply. It supplies almost 30% more power on the +12V rail, I would recommend it.
  3. Modern power supplies have exhaust fans that pull air in and exhaust that air out the rear panel of the pc case. It is part of the atx standard for power supplies.
  4. Understood gentlemen. The psu's I am looking at look totally different than mine in that it has no fan on the bottom. I was just wondering if the fan blew air in or sucked it out.
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