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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    You're going to get quite a bit of feedback on this one I'm thinking. So far you're missing barbs. I have been getting the thicker walled tubing (1/2id, 3/4od) since I believe it is less prone to kinking.
    I've not used Koolance products but this thread leads me to believe it may not be the best option
    Also, make sure your graphics card is on a reference PCB before getting the water block for it.
  2. Most people don't have any issues with Koolance and they typically have high build quality and use good components (such as Laing pumps) for most of their stuff.
  3. I like thick walled tubing so 3/8 ID and 5/8 OD with fittings to match I do not like the res pump combo but many have used them without issue. I like the pump and res to be separate from each other. I like the D5 or 655 series pumps and as far as the rest it is up to you and what you like or want it to look like.
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