Asrock 970 extreme 4 ocing

Can my mobo, asrock 970 extreme 4, handle ocing the fx 8350. The power consumption of it is similar to a II x6 1100 t. I was able to OC my fx 4100 to 4.3 on stock voltages with a stock fan.

Here is a detailed review of my mobo and its specs:
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  2. Would anyone like to share their wisdom with me?
  3. Still curious.. Please help
  4. Yes you can, I OC'd mine to 4.7ghz with this motherboard. Make sure you flash bios 2.20 from Asrock website.
  5. I have the same board... I just bought an FX 8350 and installed it and its running fine...

    Previously I had a Phenom 2 970 be @ 3.5 (that I overclocked to 4.00ghz no problem at all)

    Now when I overclock the 8350 to 4.1 ghz it BSOD every time
    I CAN NOT overclock this CPU at all

    I dont know if it is a bios setting Im messing up, but even just upping the multiplier by 1 it fails every time...

    please help
    I bought this CPU to overclock....

    Also, I have a custom water cooling loop so heat is not an issue at all...
  6. also my BIOS is 2.2...
    did you change any other settings than the multiplier?

    Ive been trying everything and can't get a stable overclock to 4.2
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  8. maybe bring up you voltage, that might help
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