Advice on New system.

I would like ALL tips, hints, tricks and advice. I want to know if all of these parts are compatible with each other.


Video Card:




Enough power for this build right?


Motherboard is an ATX, case says it will fit the ATX motherboard so it should fit right? Power Supply is normal size so the PSU should fit right?

Hard Drive:


Home Premium instead of Professional?

So only thing I'm really missing is a CD Drive and Bluetooth, yes I want both. Any idea on what bluetooth that is a good price/compatible?

Another thing about building this computer is that I have NO CLUE about Bios and afraid i might mess something up with that...and tips on this mobo and the bios or another mobo that is good with this system configuration and that is easy Bios?

Thanks in advance guys!!!
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  1. Ok so I'm going with the PSU and Case combo that you suggested and the motherboard you suggested.

    Case, PSU Combo


    I want this CPU cooler

    But I'm THINKING of holding off to see if I even need to use it? Or are you saying that it's a fact I'm going to need to use it? Even if I DO use it Will it fit in my case? That cooler looks like a biggie and wondering it will fit (even though my case is a biggie too.)

    I'm also changing my hard drive from my original To

    Now I got another question.... The Motherboard has a SATA 6gb/s and the Hard drive is 3gb/s does that matter compatible wise? I know that might be a dumb question but I wanted to ask it. Or does that mean since the hard drive is only 3gb/s the 3gb/s extra from the motherboard just won't be used....?

    I also decided with this ram for the new parts.

    any question on the ram choice?

    Thanks A LOT for responding and helping me.
  2. Going to buy the parts tomorrow. Hopefully it's a good setup. Thanks for the help.

    My only concern is if I have enough wattage on a 850W PSU with this build.....
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