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:pfff: my friend going to buy a new video card he is low on funds aright now, he has an Geforce 7900GS OC i think, he is going to but a msi 9500GT, is the 9500gt faster then his 7900GS OC 256MB card and if so but how much thanks
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  1. considering the raw power 7900GS is much better than 9500gt...But you don't have any dx10 support with 7900GS..
    So,upgrading a 7900GS to a 9500GT doesn't worth in terms of performance...In fact I would suggest you to posses your 7900GS if you don't want to spoil your gaming experience.... You would never be able to play any dx10 or dx9 game at max settings using a 9500GT...But with your 7900GS you can at least max out dx9 games..
  2. Tell him to wait for sometime before getting a card. Haste makes waste and he'll be wasting money if he upgrades to a 9500GT.

    At least upgrade to a 9600GT or best option is to get an ATI 5XXX card.
  3. Here's a web site where you can compare video cards:

  4. well he is going to buy a new card in 2 months this would just be a temp he plays Half 2 and orange box games with no problems but can't play left 4 dead 2 he just go the game and it runs like ***, he won't spend more then 55 right now, so how about a HD 4650 64 Bit ddr2 will that be able to play left 4 dead 2 :o
  5. Yes u can play left 4 dead 2 but at lowest settings....I think its better if you choose a HD5670 since buying a HD4650 would simply mean waste of money...So tell him either to upgrade to a 5670 or posses the 7900GS..
  6. well it's not the point he is not going to spend 100 or so for a video card at the monment, i was looking at bechmarks on toms chart at this is what i seen

    these cards seem to run left 4 dead 1 good

    now if it was me then know i would just wait for the new geforce cards i hate ati, but the 3650 and 4650 seems to run it good :fou:
  7. so better wait for the prices to come down....the new GF100 series should be out in the q1 2010...Or go for the 4650 and :cry: :cry: :cry: ...............................
  8. well looking at there carts it seems like your wrong the 9500gt and 4650 can run at high settings
    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gt-220,2445-15.html :o
  9. yeah they perform good with L4D,but I don't know how those card will run L4D2...look at these benchmark
    A single 5870 and i7 870 score around 212fps@1680x1050 resolution...But a 5870 has 1600 stream processors with much higher clocks than 4650 which only has 320 stream processors... So I don't thing a 4650 will be enough for L4D2....
    Also its a very cpu intensive game and performs well on quad cores...
  10. :pfff: those bechmarks are only showing high end video cards so that has nothing to do with the 4650, left 4 dead 1 and left 4 dead 2 have the same system requirements so theres no diff he has an 2.5 dual core
  11. ati HD5450 for $50.....enjoy
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