Which internet speed for me?

Hello guys,
I’m new here in this forum, and I want to say hello to every one of you.

Now is the issue: I want to subscribe a contract for an internet connection in my house, and the available speeds that can be chosen are 2Mbps and 10Mbps.

I would ask you a technical opinion about my choice. I normally use the domestic internet connection to surf in the web, see movies and videos in streaming (flv like in megavideo and divx format) and to chat-call with skipe and msn.

Now my question is, can I take the 2Mbps connection without the annoyance of continuous buffering in the movies? What else could work not so well with a so low speed?

I would prefer to take the 2Mbps because it is cheaper of course, what do you think about it?
Could I have problems?
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  1. i you could get away with the 2Mb but if you were skyping and watching a movie it could get bad. the only things that would be hindered from the speed would be buffer times, but if size isnt large you shouldnt have a real problem. also there could be a lag with you skype. but alone it really shouldnt be a problem. What i would do is get the 2Mb and see if it works, since most providers dont charge a fee for upgrading you could always move up to the 10Mb if it doesnt workout. Hope this helps.
  2. I agree.

    Though I had been stuck with my 1.5 connection for forever, and was pretty annoyed at how slowly videos would stream (hulu, netflix). I finally switched to 10. Now they all run at max quality and even at that it seems like it almost races to download.
  3. OK... let's go with 10M. Watching a movie with a continuos buffering would drive me crazy...
  4. I'm sure something like 5 would be enough. It just seems odd to me that you don't have that option
  5. You may be connected to the wrong network or someone else is on your network using all of your bandwidth , to make this situation as clear you need to talk to your ISP and also download reign out to sort out this issue.
    After that check your internet speed test through this site www.scanmyspeed.com , it has the best results for the internet speed test.....
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