First water loop. Need help!

I am building my first water loop'd computer for my brother as a Christmas gift and have no idea what is considered "unnecessary/overkill" and what is "under performed". I am going to water cool the cpu, gpu (sli), and the mobo (asus maximus v extreme). The case I have is a phantom 820 (yes got it early) and it can support a 2x120mm radiator on the bottom and a 3x120mm radiator on the top. Should I use 2 radiators for this kind of setup or will a single radiator suffice? And should I do a push/pull configuration or is that unnecessary? Will all of these components fit under a single loop, or am I looking at going into two loops? Are the components I am using good choices or should I "cut back" or "spend more". CPU Block: Ek Supreme HF full-copper (or should I do the full nickel)? Pumps: Cant decide between the Aqua computer aquastream xt, alphacool ap1510, or the danger den cpx-pro. The resevoir I want is a 5.25" bay so it can be emptied easily. The one that I was thinking is Ek-bay spin resevoir- acetal CSQ. If there are components that have cheaper alternatives for a slight performance decrease I am willing to do that. Let me know what you think I need some help here.
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  1. Cpu, gpu (sli), mobo (asus maximus v extreme)
  2. Can you please list them?
  3. All of your components....such as your case.

    We need to know how much room you have for WC.

    Is there a budget?
  4. Case:

    As for budget I am looking to spend best performance for the $. I would rather spend $50 for an item that has 5-15% less performance than something for say $120.
  5. I don't want to be a cheap ass though and get cheap components. So quality performance for the price.
  6. A simple CPU loop will cost $200 to complete, add a full cover GPU block to the cost and you’re at $300 minimum for the kind of loop you are considering. Fans alone can cost $45 to $90, rads $60 to $240, pumps $100, tubing/fittings $100, extras, reservoir $100, fill/flush system $100, it can add up quick. Do not fool yourself this is not a cheap option, but well worth it when completed, I have been doing it for a while now and still enjoy it very much.
  7. Very expensive I know lol. Do you have a push/pull config? Is it worth doing it that way or is it a bit over the top?
  8. You'll just need double the amount of fans....


    I use a single set of fans with shrouds it works as good as the push/pull method

    i also use a fill/flush system for filling and bleading the system you can add it to the loop anyware but works best when placed right before the pumps inlet
  10. Never thought about the shroud thing before. What would you recommend? I will not be using some high rated CFM/SP fans that are rated to support a commercial jet, but rather am going to use either a silenX (first link below) or a Noisblocker (second link below) so that I can do this setup as quiet as possible. That in mind would you say I should go the shroud route, or use a push pull since they are not crazy powerful like the loud fans? As for that fill/flush what are the benefits of that besides easy access to both filling and flushing? Let me know what fan you think I should go with.
  11. The shroud helps with air flow and relieves the need for 6 fans versus 3 fans no matter the fans attached, but I like SP fans for rads like the corsair SP fans and for the case I like AF fans for the case like the corsair AF fans, coupled with fan controllers any fan can be as quite as you want it to be.

    The fill flush system only makes it easier to fill and flush the system by forcing the flow to go into dump and fill buckets, and bleeding is a snap, only one bucket needed, keep circulating the water through the one full bucket until all of the air is out of the system
  12. Ya that makes sense for a good SP fan to push the air through the rad. Well I am def a fan of CoolMaster fans let me link the one I am thinking (first link), and tell me if you think that the SP is good enough for a 30 FPI radiator. Is a shroud a big performance increase will efficiency of airflow, or is it minuscule?
  13. thoes are the same fans I have only older models they have run for 8 years now so I have no complaints, and as far as the shroud it the same as adding more fans to the rad so about 40% increase over single fans and the same as the duel fans. But if you want the best setup that would be duel fans duel shrouds. Does that make sense?
  14. That makes sense so your saying best = push/pull with shrouds on both sides? Awesome thats good to know that the fans are good :D
  15. yes
  16. Okay awesome that solves that part of my question. As for the second part of my question, should I do 2 radiators for a loop that contains mobo, cpu, and sli gpu's? Or will a single 3x120mm radiator be enough?
  17. i would use both
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